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The first Christian art NFT charity project

by Stick Collective in partnership with Compassion Australia

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“We cannot choose the family we were born into, but we can choose the family we want to build. As a collective, we choose to be a family of charity. Join us in this movement of love and grace”

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Our story

“Jesus & Me” is an NFT charity project by Stick Collective in partnership with Compassion Australia. “Worldwide, 356 million children live in extreme poverty. Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play and grow” - Compassion International, 2022. The purpose of this project is to build Compassion Centres and Safe Houses for the underprivileged children in Indonesia by utilising NFT. Being able to build Centres means we have a chance to not just set them free from their daily needs (bread), but also setting minds free from the trap of poverty. In addition to that, we love the idea of combining art & technology as a token of gratitude to everyone who participates. Let's build.

Art, Charity, & Christianity

The Bible often describes us as the children of light, we believe that the person of Jesus is that light. Every piece in this collection portrays Jesus' undying love towards His children. We work closely with our artist to portray His divine & personal attributes through His interaction with children. The aim of this charity project is to bless all children of God, both who gives and receives in Jesus' name.


Ready to give?

We can’t wait to build! We hope that you are too. There will be clear instructions to follow on our donation page to ensure that everyone receives their NFTs. Disclaimer: we will never message or email you for any payment or money. Once donated, you are entitled for your NFT.

Meet the team

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Creative Director


Social & Engagement


Featured Artist


Web Developer



Special thanks to

The team at Compassion Australia

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We will only announce future utilities for the NFTs and updates on our Instagram page.

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© Jesus & Me Project 2022

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