What a wonderful time to give!

Please follow the steps below

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Step 1 - Ways to give

There are two ways to give, the first one is to donate directly to our fundraising page on Paypal Donations and the second is to mint the NFT directly from our mint page (Limited Edition NFT only). 1 of 1 / Special Edition NFTs are only available via Paypal. Please email us a screenshot if you are donating via Paypal (Step 2).

Paypal Limited edition NFT: $105 is inclusive of the NFT airdrop (transfer) fee but excluding the Paypal fees, we highly encourage everyone to cover them as well.

1. Paypal

Donations over $105 - $499 are entitled for a limited edition NFT, donations of $500 and above will get a 1/1 Special Edition NFT.


2. Mint

Mint with confidence on Manifold. Skip the email verification process. Only available for our 1000 Limited Edition NFTs

Mint NFT

Step 2 - Receiving your NFT (Paypal)

If you're not minting directly, please email your proof of donation to us.

Important :
1. Please attach your receipt and your public wallet
2. Stick Collective is not responsible for lost/wrong wallet after transferring
3. You may request the artwork to print (Special Editions only)

Send receipt here: hello@stck.co

Step 3 - Spread the word!

We rely on you to talk about this project, we wouldn't be able to build without your generosity. Go tell somebody about this project :)
Oh and one more thing, your NFT represents more than your heart & art, keep an eye on our Instagram page for future utility announcements

And... you are done!

We can't wait to see how this project impacts the lives of the children in Indonesia. The building will start as soon as we reach our target. We will be posting updates on our Instagram page so make sure to give us a follow.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

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