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Hi, I'm Albert, thank you for visiting and checking out what we have to offer. There is a big chance you found out about us through Instagram and I'm here to tell you more about us. 

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Who We Are

Not an Agency

At the heart of Stick Collective is collaboration. We are not a corporation or an agency but we do have a network of influencers, agencies, and talents here in Sydney. With over 10 years of award-winning agency experience combined, me and my wife specialised in Brand Design & Content Creation.

Known for our strategy and ideas, we love to collaborate with both local (Australian) and global brands. We stay true when we create, bringing the best out of the brand we are working with.

"Stick to what matters." is a phrase that we say and resonate with.  We understand that building a brand is not easy and really think that we can provide valuable insights to you. We stay away from drama and hassle, instead, we focus on teamwork, humility, and appreciation, sticking to what really matters. 

If you find us to be a good fit, do feel free to stick around, here are some the services and offerings we can help you with. We can't wait to talk to you.

- Albert & Lidya



Tell us more about you

Every business is different, every brand is different. We highly recommend a meaningful conversation about what you need and why you need it before choosing a service we offer. This has proven to save time and resources for both clients and us.


Have the right images

We know that running a business is not easy. Our photography experience has brought not only more audience to the brand we are working with, but also significant increase when it comes to sales and productivity.


Tell better stories

We love stories. Video is a powerful tool to show and empower your audience of what is possible for them to do with your services or products. We've filmed a number of videos for Australian brands such as Harris Farm Markets, Ecosa Sleep, University of Sydney and Penny Skateboards.


The bare minimum

There were times when clients come to us and wonder why they haven't had any breakthrough in their business despite having the best imagery and video. Most of the times, the problem lies on the positioning of the brand. We offer branding & rebranding service which takes care of everything from your logo, collaterals, website & social media.

Content Creation

On demand

If you know what you want, we can get it done for you.

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